So that eye appearance problems can be resolved and eye cream can give maximum results in the skin of our eye area, following 5 rules of using eye cream to be followed.

The Right Choice

Just like a moisturizer, choose the eye cream that is in accordance with the eye area problem we are facing. For those who have problems with wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, choose those that contain anti-aging. If more problematic with dark circles under the eyes, rely on eye cream containing brigthening agent to brighten the dark color. For the use of eye cream when starting the day, choose an eye cream that contains SPF as an extra protection to treat the eyes.

Do The Dab!

Given the area of the eye is very sensitive, just do the gently patting with fingers when applying eye cream to the eyes. Do not forget the eyelids. This area is also important to get a touch of eye cream, considering the eyelid is also an area that is easy to wrinkle.

Gently Massage

Massage can be done to maximize the absorption of eye cream in the eye. However, keep doing it slowly. Apply eye cream to the entire eye area and slowly use the ring finger, then pat slowly with constant movement.

Do not Pull!

Keep in mind, avoid the habit of pulling the eye area. Because the area has a skin that is thin enough so that signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines easily appear because of these bad habits. Even if you’re in a hurry, just keep dabbing it gently.

Wait for A Moment

Although eye cream is only used for eye skin area, still this skincare has a sequence of usage rules. Apply eye cream after using toner, before using moisturizer. After eye cream applied to the skin, wait a few seconds until the cream dries, then continue with the next skincare stage.

To maximize the work of eye cream, do compress the eyes using a soft towel that has been soaked by warm water. Compress the eyes for 1 minute, then compress again using cold water for 1 minute. After the compress is complete, we can use a special mask for the skin under the eyes or compress the eyes back using 1 piece pieces of orange or cucumber for 10 minutes. When finished, apply eye cream on the entire skin of the eye area. Perform this eye beauty ritual at least once a week.