Just like hair, eyelashes can experience hair loss. The causes also vary; hormones, the use of makeup that is not clean or expired, often uses false eyelashes, and more.

If there is a problem, of course a solution to overcome hair loss is also there. Proven results are using natural oils. There are already 4 types of natural oils try to re-provoke the growth of eyelashes and make the lashes look longer. First, olive oil. Second, argan oil. Third, coconut oil. Fourth, rosehip oil.

Of the four types of natural oils, there are different experiences. Then, which is more effective? Find the answer below.

Olive Oil

In order for eyelashes to grow back, as our experienced, it takes 3 weeks for new eyelashes to grow. While the eyelash stage looks longer, it takes +/- 3 months.

Argan Oil

To lengthen the lashes, the benefits of argan oil are quite famous from olive, coconut and rosehip. From the experience, for the duration of time when new eyelashes grow or old eyelashes look longer, the time difference is almost the same as using olive oil. The results were not significant enough.

Coconut Oil

Oil taken from the extract of coconut fruit requires sufficient time to lengthen the lashes or lure the growth of new lashes. However, for some reason when used in other parts of the skin that have feathers, such as the hands and feet, or the scalp, the growth of the hair of the hands and feet and even the hair look very good.

Rosehip Oil

The content of vitamin E and C in rosehip oil makes this natural oil popular. In fact, Kate Middleton makes rosehip oil as natural oil that must be in the beauty ritual at night. The results find is facial skin becomes more moist, supple, looks healthier and brighter. Not only that, rosehip oil can minimize blackened acne scars.

There are still other bonuses. Rosehip oil can also be used on all facial skin including, eyebrows and eyelashes. Fun results, eyelashes that are falling because the hormones look thicker. For eyebrows, the cracks of an empty eyebrow, filled with new eyebrows. As for the affairs of the lashes, the growth of new lashes is faster, as well as for lengthening lashes.

The duration of feather growth is quite fast. From experience to try, it takes 2 weeks for new eyelashes to grow and look longer. Of the four types of natural oils above, Rosehip oil is most effective as a booster to lure the growth of new lashes and lengthen lashes. Fyi, do note that this may not work for everyone, but hope this helps and gives hope.

Well, for those of us who want to try treating eyelashes with one of the natural oils above, how to use them: using clean fingers, apply oil to eyelashes before sleeping. In the morning, we only need to clean the entire face with a cleanser. It’s easy, right?