For women especially those who have oily skin types, oil-bladding islands of blotting paper can be scaled one of the required mandatory items. Within knowledge, as it is known, blotting paper is useful to absorb the excess oil faces, which can make makeup easy to fade. However, do you know that it is in addition to absorbing facial oil, face oil paper also has other functions you may not expect in? Come on find out what other benefits of blotting paper.

Replacement dry shampoo

Limp hair that often occurs when not shampooing or when sweating after a blazing outdoor activity will certainly make the appearance not optimal. Usually, when experiencing a problem with bad hair day, dry shampoo is the solution.

However, what if you forget to bring dry shampoo? No need to worry, Fimela Friends! Because you can use blotting paper to deal with limp hair problems.

The trick is take a few pieces of oil paper and rub it on the scalp to absorb excess oil in the hair. However, you need to be patient when doing this trick, because it takes a little longer so that the hair isn’t limp again. But if you are pressed, it doesn’t hurt you to use this method.

Replacement of Spray Settings for Long-Lasting Makeup

In addition to making hair easy to loosen, even doing activities during the day can make makeup become long lasting. Of course this will make you annoyed.

For women who always wear makeup every day, it is certain that the spray setting is a product that must be used so that the makeup will last longer.

However, for those of you who don’t have a spray setting, you can work around this by using face oil paper, you know! After finishing applying the makeup, pat the face with oil paper.

This trick is able to absorb the excess oil from the makeup products that you apply, while making foundation more stick to the skin of the face. After that, brush the powder settings to make the makeup look more perfect and your makeup will last longer.

Make Lipstick into Longwear

Although it has transferproof claims, usually some lipsticks tend to remain easily lost when used for eating and drinking. Well, to get around so that the lipstick lasts longer, try using blotting paper.

The trick, thin the lipstick thinly first then gently press the lips using oil paper, then reapply your favorite lipstick.

In addition, usually after eating greasy food, your lips will be oily and difficult to clean. Well, blotting paper is more useful here. Valve your lips several times on oil paper placed in the center of the lips and the attached oil will disappear!

Clean the Cellphone Screen

Of course you have heard that cellphone screens can be one of the factors that cause acne on the face. The reason is, when you make a call through a cellphone, the oil on the face can stick to the cellphone screen, and the oil will easily make dust and dirt stick together.

Therefore, in order not to be a source of germs, cellphones must be routinely cleaned. Did you know, if it turns out that cleaning your cellphone screen using blotting paper is more effective than just using a tissue or other washcloth? Using oil paper will be more effective for absorbing oil on the mobile screen.

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