Lipstick is one of the makeup that has a big role for women. Everyone certainly has a reliable color. Even the presence of increasingly varied lipstick also displays a number of formulas and various final results. Welcoming the entry of the Spring / Summer 2020 season, Clé de Peau Beauté has prepared a collection of lipsticks that can be a mainstay on all occasions.

Legend Red # 103 is a collection of lipsticks full of statements with a perfect hue to realize the look of modern women who are able to increase their confidence in the scope of social life. As a hue that is able to maximize one’s confidence, Legend Red # 103 is also present specifically, in the context of celebrating 10 years of existence as an iconic color presented by Clé de Peau Beauté.

The color of Legend Red # 103 is inspired by iconic red roses, full of definition, and able to be a wearable lip color when used during the day or night, so that it can add to your true self-confidence.

Clé de Peau Beauté presents formulas with a variety of end results, which can be used for a number of occasions, and is able to make everyone who uses it as the center of attention.

Legend Red #103 dari Clé de Peau Beauté

Each item in this collection has its own symbol, with limited edition packaging. Reflecting the vivid nuance in it, as well as the black accent on the packaging increasingly makes its own statement in this special collection.

Giving a powerful and memorable impression, Legend Red # 103 is able to display a bold and confident impression that is real. The Legend Color Collection offers 4 final results that can be used according to the agenda and mood such as;

Cashmere Lipstick has pigmented color intensity along with a long-lasting lipstick formula with a perfect matte finish. Accompanied by specially designed bullet dimensions, it can make lipstick colors even more even while providing a real sense of comfort.

Radiant Liquid Rouge Shine has a rich color with sparkling dewy finish. The formula is durable, moist, and enhanced with technology that helps prevent color bleeding.

Refined Lip Luminizer will display a sheer impression when applied with elegant colors and luxurious finishes. When reversed, the formula will adapt to body temperature so that it can moisturize and at the same time make the lips more gently manicured.

Radiant Lip Gloss will give the final result dewy glow and sheer with attractive colors. The formula is also able to moisturize the lips and work together to display the impression of a healthier lips.

With Legend Red # 103, of course you can experience a luxurious experience thanks to the perfect formula that is presented through 4 diverse final results to perfect the appearance of the actual lips.